Cameron Arnzen

PhD, Politics & Education

I explore how education influences political behavior and shapes democracy.

My interest in the politics of education broadly includes the study of education governance, political socialization in education, and public opinion and education. My dissertation employs various quantitative methods to explore how educational experiences and schools shape political participation, while my other work explores the public's role in education governance. 

I currently teach graduate courses on American politics, education policy, federalism, and public policy at Teachers College. Before pursuing my doctorate, I served in a variety of roles at The College of Idaho, including as an instructor and an academic advisor. I have also worked with, a public awareness service that spotlights public education in Idaho, my home state. 

Growing up in rural Idaho, education played a critical role in helping me find a place in my community and my state. Much of my interest in studying the politics of education comes from a belief that schools and education shape ideas of citizenship and democratic participation. 

My Ph.D. is in Politics & Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. I also hold an M.A. in Political Science from Duke University and a B.A. in Political Economy from The College of Idaho.

Areas of Expertise: 

Politics of Education, Education Policy, American Politics, Public Policy, and Political Behavior


Teaching (Instructor)

Teachers College, Columbia University 

The College of Idaho

Barnard College


Peer Reviewed Publications

Ongoing Projects

Service & Involvement

American Political Science Association

American Education Research Association

Teachers College, Columbia University

Dissertation Defense & Committee

Dissertation Title: "Education for Democracy: Essays Exploring the Relationship Between Education and Voting"

Panel on Doctoral Student Success

Teachers College, Columbia University